Thursday, 4 September 2008

Flopping hell!

The world record for the highest shallow dive has been broken by crazy dude Darren Taylor (aka Professor Splash), who belly flopped from a height of over 35ft into a paddling pool filled with just 12 inches of water. NUTTER!

But puns aplenty so I don't care.

The Sun has the best one because it works soooo many levels:


Other puns:

SPLAT NAV AT THE READY (Daily Mail - but what does a Sat Nav have to do with diving?!)

SMACKDOWN (Daily Mirror - not even a real pun)

My pun ideas:

SHALLOW DAL (If 'Dal' is an acceptable shortened form of 'Darren'...prob not, eh?)


Or maybe even the title of this very blog post...?

1 comment:

Joe said...

I like Flopping Hell.

Came up with:


Once you flop you can't stop.

The Big Flopper

A Flop in the Ocean (well swimming pool)