Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Pun-ey markets

Anarchy on the money markets and the plummeting value of banks' shares is all over the news today. The front page of the Daily Mirror screams:


My pun idea:



Anonymous said...

The "D-Owww" Jones

Joe said...

a few more financial market related ones:

"The Stocky Horror Show"

"Stock n Dole" - shares plummet as Lehman lays off staff.

"Market in Red"

"Fed-a-share" - Govmt buys stake in AIG.


"Nightmare on Wall Street"

"Stock and Aw(ful)"

"No Ruski Business"

"Bloopermarket weep"

Anonymous said...

"The Down Jones"

Anonymous said...

Goldman Sacks

Anonymous said...

Love it - Merrill Lynched!

Anonymous said...

Lets complete the set

"MoreGone Stanley"

Dunners said...

Great stuff punners. Please identify yourselves :)

joe said...

Soz, all mine except goldmann sacks.

Anonymous said...

hehe Goldman S was mine, MINNNNE woohooo (holster xx)