Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Punidentified flying object

The Sun is still banging on about that wind turbine that got 'hit by a UFO'. Whatever! In today's paper, they spoke of how they have sent their own 'investigator' (aka hack) to the wind farm in question to do some of their own investigations (since the conclusion of the official investigation done by a, you know, 'expert', was simply too dull).

Their headline today:


My pun idea:


Oh, so weak!! 'Wind' doesn't even rhyme with 'ant' - aaarrggghh!!


Joe said...

How about "Unidentified Farming Object"?

Turb your enthusiasm?

mattyrw said...

Finally, I've thought of one. How's about "Little Green Men-ergy"

I don't know where the hyphen should go :)

Adele said...

Completely off topic but another cool pun. Ben & Jerry's new ice cream flavour to celebrate Obama etc is called..."Yes Pecan!"

Dunners said...

Wow, three DIFFERENT people commenting! I also saw a confectionary pun yesterday - I see that there is a new Malteasers-esque Easter (!) treat called 'Malteaster'...!!

Anonymous said...

ohhhh Hay you've spelt 'their' wrong!!!!!

Dunners said...