Saturday, 2 October 2010

Willi-pun Shakespeare

It has pun to my attention that an animated film - seemingly based entirely on a pun - is to be unleashed in our cinemas next February:


This is NOT a joke. Don't believe me? Then watch the trailer. The characters are voiced by James McAvoy, Emily Blunt, Michael Caine, Jason Statham, Maggie Smith, Patrick Stewart, Ashley Jensen, Stephen Merchant, Matt Lucas, Jim Cummings, Julie Walters, Richard Wilson, Ozzy catch my drift. It's gonna be big. And all because someone came up with a rather weak Shakespeare pun.

So I thought it might be rather amusing if we pitched our own Bard/pun films. Here are mine:

RAMLET - in which an animated, uncastrated male sheep exacts revenge on his farmyard buddies and goes a bit crazy.

MUCH ADO ABOUT PUFFIN - in which four animated puffins get ever so confused about who is supposed to be in love with whom.
Please suggest more!


joey close said...

a Middlesborough Nights dream, in which people with excellent accents are toyed with by steel manufacturing fairies.

The Tempiest in which a group of temporary office workers find themselves marooned on an Island getting paid minimum wage, but some day they're going to get a job in the media

hayjane said...

Nice ones Joey. Some more from Twitter:

@bridgetorr: DUCKBETH (or 'the Scottish ducks play': Ambitious ducks slaughter all in their wake to become rulers of a Scottish pond.

@bridgetorr: Bite Us, Andronicus: vampire returns from war, causes chaos etc

@adelleywelley: LACKBETH - a film where the leading man of the famous Shakespeare play goes missing...but the show must go on!

@nesrinemalik: The Shaming of the Hugh, where all men named Hugh are outed for doing bad deeds.

Any more?